Accounting Services

Focus on your business, we’ll handle the accounting

Why are we different?

Exhausted from constantly hiring and training accounting personnel? Struggling with financial jargon?

We’re more than just an outsourced bookkeeping service; we’re your dedicated outsourced accounting team. Our mission is to streamline and automate your business’s accounting processes. Imagine having a cloud-based accounting system at your fingertips, complete with an easy-to-use dashboard for accessing essential reports.

We’ll handle tasks such as sending invoices, statements, and reminders to your clients while also assisting in the implementation of your credit control. Many businesses unknowingly extend excessive credit to unqualified customers, simply because they’re unaware of overselling. Don’t let this happen to you.

Allow us to support your financial success. Reach out and let’s discuss how we can help.

Why outsource your Accounting Function?

  1. Cost-effective: Outsourcing accounting can reduce costs associated with hiring and training in-house staff, purchasing software and equipment, and maintaining office space.
  2. Expertise: Outsourcing accounting allows businesses to tap into our pool of qualified professionals with specialized knowledge in accounting, taxation, and financial reporting.
  3. Time-saving: Outsourcing accounting can free up time for business owners and managers to focus on their core competencies and strategic planning.
  4. Accuracy and compliance: Outsourcing accounting ensures accurate and timely financial records and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.
  5. Scalability: Outsourcing accounting can provide businesses with the flexibility to scale up or down based on their changing needs, without the added costs and complexity of hiring and training in-house staff.

What do we offer?

  1. Monthly, Half yearly and Annual book keeping and accounting services.
  2. Periodical Management Account reporting
  3. Tax Estimation for CP204 for company
  4. Business performance analysis and advisory
  5. Receivables and Payables Ledgers and Aging and Working Capital Management
  6. Fixed Assets Registers
  7. Inventory Reporting
  8. Accounting & Business Records Filing & Management

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