Tax Relief Personal Tax – YA 2023

Tax Relief Personal Tax – YA 2023

Tax Relief Personal Tax – YA 2023

A summary of the key relief available to resident individual for Year of Assessment 2023

1Medical expenses, Carer, Special Needs Expenses expended on own parents8,000 max
2Medical expenses expended on self, spouse or child with serious disease, and for fertility treatment, including up to RM1,000 for medical examination and RM1,000 for vaccination. An expanded scope a maximum of RM4,000 of intervention expenditure related to Autism (ASD), ADHD, Global Developmental Delay, Intellectual Disability, Down Syndrome or Specific Learning Disabilities10,000 max
3Basic supporting equipment for disabled self, spouse, child or parents (example like wheelchair, hearing aid)6,000 max
4Study course fees for skills or qualifications including up to RM2,000 for recognised upskilling and self-enhancement courses7,000 max
5Lifestyle expenses (Books, journals, magazines, newspapers, and other similar publications. Personal computer, smartphone, or tablet. Gym memberships and sports equipment for activities defined under the Sports Development Act 1997. Monthly internet subscriptions under your personal name.)2,500 max
6Additional lifestyle allowance for sports related items including rental or entrance fee to any sports facility and registration fee for any sports competition500 max
7Child relief (various categories)2,000 to 14,000
8Breastfeeding equipment (must have a child below 2 years, and claimable once every 2 year of assessment)1,000 max
9Life insurance premiums or Voluntary contribution to EPF (Mandatory contribution does not qualify for this RM3,000 relief.)3,000 max
10EPF contribution 4,000 max
11Medical / Education insurance3,000 max
11SOCSO contribution350 max
12Private Retirement Scheme contributions or Deferred Annuity premiums3,000 max
13Childcare expenses (paid to registered child care centre or registered kindergarten for children aged 6 and below will be extended up to YA 2024)3,000 max
14Net savings into SSPN account for child (extended to YA 2024)8,000 max

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